Class Options

At Excite Dance and Cheer we provide a range of classes for all ages from complete beginner fun classes to advance classes for students who are keen to take their dancing or cheer to a higher level.

Classes are held on a weekly basis throughout the school term.  At the end of the year all students participate in the Excite Dance Performance Night or Acro and Cheer Showcase where they have the opportunity to perform the skills and talent they have developed throughout the year to family and friends.


Jazz is one of the most popular genres of dance at Excite.

Jazz is a fun, energetic and fast paced style of dance which is often seen on popular shows such as So You Think You Can Dance, Music video clips and Commercial Dance.


Classical Ballet provides the foundations for strong technique in the students at Excite.

It is best known for its unique features and techniques, such as; pointe work, turn-out of the legs, and high extensions; graceful, flowing, precise movements; and ethereal qualities.


At Excite we follow the Glenn Wood Tap syllabus which is a dynamic syllabus the students thoroughly enjoy learning.  The syllabus has an excellent technique base which endears the students to admire and appreciate tapping, preparing them for a professional future in tap dance.


Contemporary and Lyrical classes at Excite provide our students with the ability to express their love of dance through movement

Lyrical dance is expressive, subtle, dynamic and is aimed at conveying musicality and emotion through movement.


In Tumbling/Acrobatics we focus on developing students tumbling skills, core stability, strength, technique and flexibility. Our focus is on developing tricks and skills associated with Tumbling/Acrobatics; Biranis (no handed cartwheels), Backflips, Aerial Tinskis, Somersaults, Bendbacks, Cartwheels and Balance Skills


The STALK class (Stretch, Turns and Leaps, Kicks) is dedicated to developing strong technical ability, increased flexibility and increased mobility.

Strong technique provides the foundation to a well rounded dancer.  


Allstar Cheerleading combines stunting, tumbling and dance together to make for a dynamic and exciting class.

In each class at Excite athletes enjoy learning the safe and correct way to stunt and tumble.

All Coaches are accredited through IASF.


Hip Hop is an expressive and free style of movement.  Made popular by artists such as Pharrell Williams, Jason Derulo and Chris Brown through their music videos, it is a relaxed soulful style of dance.


Musical Theatre is often associated with theatre shows such as Chicago, Cats, The Lion King, Wicked.

In each Musical Theatre we focus on a stage show, how to read and interpret scripts and develop a character, controlled breathing techniques and vocal projection, storytelling through dance and drama.


Definitely the most adorable class at Excite the Teeny Tinies class is full of happiness and laughter.

We focus on developing our youngest dancers fine and gross motor mobility, spacial awareness, confidence and musicality.  The class utilises a range of props and familiar music providing a wonderful opportunity for students to be welcomed into the world of dance.


The Boys Only classes are specially designed to provide a fast paced learning environment where boys are continually stimulated and challenged.

Each class focuses on developing students individuality, strength, co-ordination, musicality and feel for the style of dance.  


Our Recreation Stream is designed for dancers who want to learn to dance and have fun.  Dancers in our Recreation Stream perform at our end of year Performance Night and/or Acro and Cheer Showcase.  We offer all genres of dancing in the Recreation Stream and recommend this stream as a great way to get started in dance.




Our Representative Team is for students who are committed to taking their dancing to the next level.  They demonstrate a keen level of interested and ability in dance and perform at festivals and public events throughout the year.   




Our Intensive Team are elite level performers who have demonstrated a high level of committment, ability and desire to excel within dance or cheer.  Our Performers within the Intensive Stream perform at Competitions and Special Events throughout the year and are recognised as high achieving performers within the industry.