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Our Community

An encouraging and nurturing community is one of the most special aspects of Excite Dance and Cheer!
Not only do we prompt our wonderful community within the studio and gym, we ensure that we provide to our surrounding community of Penrith!


Madalena Oxford
(mother of Josie, Gabbi and Amelia)

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for such a beautiful year of fun filled dancing yet again!

Since the start of our journey with Excite everything has been such a smooth and stress free process. From enrolling the girls to rep performances, lessons, uniforms, costumes, rehearsals then concert day to enrolling again year after year.

This is all credited to your work, organisation, attention to detail, communication and support by your gorgeous Excite team members. Thank you!

Excite has been a positive and happy place where through the many friendships the girls have felt valued, supported and safe. I just wanted to thank YOU for that! All your hard work in making Excite the place it is, is truly appreciated.

The girls are looking forward to another year of EXCITE!

Di Tompkin
(mother of Jazmyn)

Thank you Excite for inspiring, helping, and motivating Jazzy to achieve things she never thought possible.


Through Dance & Cheer you have taught her not only how to move but also self-confidence, determination, patience, how to work well in a team and resilience to push through challenges.

Thank you for providing her with a home away from home.

You are a big reason as to why she does what she loves.

Taryn Lewis
(mother of Tylah, Lyric and Peyton)

Just wanted to reach out and say a massive THANK YOU for your coaching, mentoring and role modelling with Tylah in her first intensive year. As you know she struggles with her confidence, self esteem and nerves and you have helped her deal with it all this year at every competition and at every weekly class she attends with you. I wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for being such a positive role model to her this year. I know her nerves won't vanish completely but with you she can learn to work through them and still come out onto stage and perform to the best of her ability. What more can I ask for as a mum.

As my first year as a cheer mum I have found Excite runs a very smooth ship. Everything is communicated so clearly, classes are always on time and Tylah learns so much every week. Everything to do with the club as a whole is highly professional yet still feels family orientated and it's a testament to how well you run your club, you should be very proud of what an amazing experience it is to be associated with Excite as a whole. 

I wouldn't trust anyone else with my girls.


- 2017 Local Business Awards Winner - Performing Arts

- 2018 Local Business Awards Winner - Performing Arts

Local Business Awards 2017 Penrith City Winner Performing Arts Excite Dance and Cheer Glenmore Park
Local Business Awards 2018 Penrith City Winner Excite Dance and Cheer Glenmore Park
Local Business Awards 2017 2018 Winner Performing Arts Excite Dance and Cheer Glenmore Park
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